Venice Hotel Alverì

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Location: Venezia
GPS: 45.4408474,12.3155151

“Where are you going? Throw away the map! Why do you want to know at all costswhere you are in this moment? Right on: in all cities, shopping malls, at bus or subway stops, you’re used to get caught up by the road signs, there is almost always a sign with a colored dot, an arrow on the map telling you loadly: “You Are Here”. Even in Venice, just raise your eyes and you will see many yellow signs with arrows that tell you: you have to go that way, do not get confused, To The Railway,  To  St. Mark’s Square, To The Academy…just give them up, make a mokery of them. Why do you want to fight against the maze? Go along with it for once. Do not worry, let the streets to  be the ones that decide your path, not the path that makes you chose the streets. Learn to roam, to wander. Get disoriented. Hang about.”

Walking through the Venetian “Calli” is a unique experience. The charm of a city built entirely on water that offers thousand of romantic and suggestive pictures but also art, history, culture and handcraf masterpieces.
Veniceis a city to visit but also to live. The charm of architectural wonders of Palazzo DucaleBasilica of San MarcoBasilica della SalutePonte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sights), is alternate with  the mistery of the hidden little calli.

The streets close to RialtoBridge are very lively and plenty of markets, colourful handicraft shops (Botteghe) and convivial taverns (Ostarie and Bacari) for incredible and unique culinary experiences. This is a really typical and crowded area especially during the Celebration of Carnival.
In the streets leading to Piazza San Marco instead,  are located most of the shops of the Italian more important fashion brands for a high quality shopping.

In the night you can enjoy in the splendour of  VeniceCasinò.

Do not forget to visit the main places of art and culture: Museum CorrerThe Peggy Guggenheim MuseumGrassiPalace and La Fenice Theatre.

To be discovered is the lagoon and its islands:

Murano, renowned all over the world for its ancient tradition of glassblowing. Here you can visit the traditional glasswares and the Museumof Glass.

Burano, very famous for the processing of  laces and for its  multicoloured houses and Torcello.

By public transport or by taxi boat you can reach the Lido di Venezia where you can admire the promenade with its Liberty style buildings and bathing establishments that during the month of september became the setting of the Venice International Film Festival and all his famous guests.